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  1. @New BeginningsRose Mulet just said on twitter that she faked being trans omg

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Ahmed also pretended to be gay on another forum before.

    2. shmeur
    3. Sempiternal


      Not surprised 

  2. Very excited. Her new singles were bangers but kinda burned out after a few weeks.
  3. Oh my gawd. This will be messy Let's see if a new owner can make COP great again I'll support
  4. I really hope this positivity is helping the forum to grow again! (btw I'm still missing my Old COP Members award )
  5. Both are not gopd but Rainbow is garbage and Joanne has several enjoyable songs so. Both album concepts rely on sympathy tho
  6. #2 deserved #1 and I deserved better and for some reason the host was a cat fish but oh well
  7. Gotta Be Iconic


    Love the first two songs on their new EP. The best gg out now for sure.