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  1. Very excited. Her new singles were bangers but kinda burned out after a few weeks.
  2. Oh my gawd. This will be messy Let's see if a new owner can make COP great again I'll support
  3. I really hope this positivity is helping the forum to grow again! (btw I'm still missing my Old COP Members award )
  4. Both are not gopd but Rainbow is garbage and Joanne has several enjoyable songs so. Both album concepts rely on sympathy tho
  5. #2 deserved #1 and I deserved better and for some reason the host was a cat fish but oh well
  6. Gotta Be Iconic


    Love the first two songs on their new EP. The best gg out now for sure.
  7. I cannot at you submitting the winner of the actual eurovision for Cop Vision. Priceless :)