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  1. Bc for some reason I thought LFL was a 2016 album. That was a disappointing album and was just messy and kinda directionless imo (even though it has a bop or two ). Maybe her upcoming album will do her amazing discography justice again.
  2. Her songwriting an till 2016 her creativity
  3. Give me a second to think Give me something cold to drink Give me a reason I should listen to another word
  4. Katy Perry 1. Wide Awake 2. Teenage Dream 3. I Kissed A Girl 4. E.T. 5. Swish Swish 6. The One That Got Away 7. Power 8. Hot N Cold 9. California Gurls 10. Bon Appétit 11. Unconditionally 12. Chained To The Rhythm 13. Not Like The Movies 14. Legendary Lovers 15. Firework 16. Dark Horse 17. Walking On Air 18. Thinking Of You 19. Last Friday Night 20. Waking Up In Vegas 21. Witness 22. If We Ever Meet Again
  5. Can you list the points so far kween? @Dangerous Woman
  6. Omg this is is kinda giving me flashbacks to when you two constantly dragged GaGa and he even fake stanned Sia bc of it What a time!
  7. Oh my god this would be everything because Boo! Bitch! deserves vocals and grammys!
  8. I miss you, when are u gon come back full time :kiss: 



      Oh my god I never saw this, ily legend <3