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  1. I would say no but her fans would attack me
  2. omg tea

    1. AngryAzalean


      Omg hey sis haven't seen you on here in a while :jan1:

    2. Dirkje


      Heey sis! I remember you! How are you doing?

    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      Hey u better start being a regular poster again. Am new here and I wanna see more Fergie stans up in this bitch. :jan1:

  3. On the BB 100, which the list is about, she is. Bey hasn't been good at singles since IASF. If this was about the BB 200 all-time artists Bey obv would be higher.
  4. She's the most successful female pop star of all time so she objectively is.
  5. Happy Birthday! Stream Poppy.Computer
  6. Sweetener will clearly outperform Queen but I feel like the album itself will be underwhelming
  7. Let's see how the album does shall we?
  8. Mariah's videography is trash compared to JLo's and JLo made a name in more than just music i-
  9. ...in life after love? Yes, the existence of "aliens" is possible, obv we can't tell if there actually are any
  10. From the list above definitely Nick
  11. True. Or Iggy, for example (even though she never lasted long enough to be called a major star ig).
  12. They are and I luv Paulas music but all of them lost their major pop girl status over time to answer the question. Respect queen Nelly