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  1. Yeah, this kinda happened when I wasn't online so my tribe probably hates but oh well
  2. Because most of those 'problems' aren't real problems
  3. Normani is like the most boring 5H gurl but ok.
  4. Sorry but saying someone is "problematic" is super funny to me.
  5. WELL this is a complicated situation considering Money Bag is the song of the year, but so is Chun-Li
  6. Madonna vs. Cher Celine vs. Mariah Beyonce vs. Adele Katy vs. Taylor Alicia vs. Rihanna Britney vs. Xtina JLO vs. Shakira Gwen vs. Shania Nicki vs. Cardi Demi vs. Miley Ariana vs. Selena Avril vs. Pink Gaga vs. Kesha Bjork vs. Lana Dua vs. Camila Kelly vs. Kylie.
  7. It's almost like people support Cracker because they hate on Aquaria, kii
  8. How exactly does she shine when she barely stands out outside of the challenges? You're just too bothered by Aquaria's personality but that proves that she has a very outstanding one, so keep fuming.
  9. Has she done anything than talking about her past with Aquaria, personality-wise? Welp, Aquariallah stays the topic of conversation.