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  1. Omg aww thank you so much 🥰🥰🥰
  2. You can just play the song here so what do you think about "God's Son"?
  3. Lyrics of the song: You want, I've got, you take, have notYour loss, my gain, we're all the same.You have, I lack, we fade to blackYour move, I take, I win, checkmate.They try to control us, they try to rule,they tried to tell us what we all should do,its just love and sex, no real harm,no one wil supress us, let's live, be free.Don't listen to anyone, don't listen to them,they will try to label you, tell you you are different,the only truth of universe is we are all the same.the only truth of universe is we are all the sameI think I am blessed, I think I am saint,they want me dead, they want me stonedI aint no witch I am just me,I wanna know if I am really God's sonWe're all sick but we just can't see itCall it a trick, but we don't want to be itTry to break through all of your defensesHow would it feel to let go of your senses?
  4. Here is my brand new dark-pop track I wrote about homosexuality & religion. What do you think about it? 🙃 i will appreciate every feedback!
  5. levanderblond

    Paradise LP

    hey everyone my brand new electro-pop album was just released yesterday and I would like to share it with you and hear your feedback on it / know your favorite tracks hope u like it!
  6. this is my dream setlist for enigma lol
  7. my new song 'bleeded out heart' 💔 is out now! what do u think guys? https://spoti.fi/2Ris8R
  8. I am happy for Government Hoomer tbh but Fame and BDR were not really needed
  9. i really wanted to hear so happy i could die and monster
  10. i think at oscars/grammys they will perform a medley of ASIB
  11. that would be great but its just too hard to choose, she has soo many good album tracks!
  12. follow the playlist and post songs u want to be added
  13. I think she will perform Heal Me for sure, its the most sucessful pop song from ASIB