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  1. Hey everyone, I tried to turn on/off my PS4 with the Second Screen application but I can only manage to set it on rest mode (and cannot turn it on when in rest mode, don't know why...). I would like to know if there is any way to turn on the PS4 when away. I have a smart plug that allows me to turn on the whole TV setup but I couldn't figure a way to turn on the PS4. Thank you for the help !
  2. Hello everyone,, I've met Marina Diamandis and Natalia Kills. What about you guys let me know in the comment.. how to start an online casino business]
  3. Hello everyone,, That'd be too quick a turnover - we'd want to give people a week at least to submit votes, and then the host can take a few days to reveal the results, a few days of discussion about the results then we move on to the next!riversweeps app
  4. Hello everyone,, I’m sure everyone here is sick and tired of hearing about North Korea, but that’s how I found this place. Their last server crash was the last straw, so I went to Google to find other music forums and landed here, and after a bit of lurking, decided to sign up. internet cafe sweepstakes software Anyway, my name is Kyle. I love Britney, Kylie, Katy, Lana, Rihanna, Mariah, Gags, Taylor, Madonna...(I love dick the most, though ...