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  1. it says it's locked when I try to open the app so suspended/locked ya & yes!!! werk we love a fellow '02 queen
  2. I've been without twitter for a week or two now because twitter thinks I'm under 13 years old, and thus too young to be on the site I made a video explaining the situation if you want an in-depth if anyone knows how to get my account back that doesn't involve contacting them (because that hasn't worked either) PLEASEEEEE let me know thanks babes
  3. hi again!!! I just uploaded a new video & y'all should check it out if you wanna. Daniel Brady on Youtube <3 thanks favs
  4. thanks fav!!!! all the love <<<<<<333333
  5. also mess at Aquaria having the best track record so far she's the only queen who's won a challenge and not been either bottom 2 / low my girly is doing the damn thing!!!
  6. wait does anyone know when blair is gonna get arrested leave bc of her DUI thing??? I'm so ready for that episode whenever it is
  7. the snippet is one that meghan trainor recorded and scrapped. but ariana's NTLTC is written by her and a few others so I don't think they're the same song reworked or anything
  8. I may be later than late on this but you tossing aside everything Nicki's achieved in her career over a newcomer who just started not even a year ago isn't a smart move sis
  9. should I react to NTLTC on my youtube channel when it's out? we can go through the excitement together
  10. YAYY you did! thank you sosooso much <3333
  11. Daniel Brady on Youtube (should be the first one) hi! I just started uploading a little bit ago and it's been really fun so if you want to check out my few videos, you def should it would mean the world (: thanks favs!
  12. I started uploading to youtube recently so if you guys could check out my channel that would be amaze (: YOUTUBE: Daniel Brady (should be the first one) INSTAGRAM: @//dnlbrdy TWITTER: @//dnlbrdy thanks favs!
  13. I'm talking something like an era with 3+ multiplatinum singles that all do well on the charts. End Game is flopping, LWYMMD lasted a month maybe 2, and Ready For It even shorter. DW had 3 big hits, all top 15. Don't discredit that and Lemonade, literally one of my favorite albums of all time, didn't do very well on the charts, but did have miles of impact don't get me wrong I think we all miss female domination the way it existed in the early 2010's with Katy and Gaga and Bey and Rih
  14. The last female era that really served more than one/two hits was probably either ANTI or Dangerous Woman in 2016 We been knew that the GP was having nothing to do with females last year, but there were ZERO big female eras all last year Why?