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  1. Can y'all do something about these bot accounts This is annoying @SarasWorstNightmare @laracroftonline @YouAreMyEverything
  2. It's been a week since you posted this when are we getting some news.
  3. Tbh... at this point relaunching under a new name would be more lucrative
  4. I wanna try it but there’s only one in my city and it has terrible reviews literally saying “ don’t come here!”
  5. Why is it that these old threads keep getting bumped and it’s full of personal attacks
  6. K-pop is the future and would've gain COP lots of fans. Look how big Army Twitter is. Is Katy perry bringing the clicks?
  7. Hello, I was an old member from COP that ended up getting perma banned because of all the drama. I heard that Indie was giving the opportunity for old members to return, so I graciously took it. I just wanna apologize for my previous behavior on this site and I hope there is no hard feeling between us Stanning can become so toxic. All you need to know is that I stan the LEGENDARY beauty who would make even your faves look like a skid mark in comparison. IRENE I also stan Red Velvet but they are disposable when it comes to GODrene. I also just found out this site is being taken down but I hope to enjoy it till then
  8. Wow, just when I rejoined (After hearing y'all were letting in back old/banned members) and y'all are shutting down When is the shut down date? And will anything be archived or will all the threads, post and stuff be lost forever @New Beginnings I guess I'll enjoy the site in the mean time between time