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  1. Hey, when I was here I enjoyed myself too for the most part.
  2. What an amazing album! Better Life just came on shuffle and ugh, a SONG!
  3. Gag kind of repeaked so anything after ASIB is going to do well, doesn’t matter if it’s shit or not. Perfect Illusion sounds like a fucking mess when you really think about it. Issa no for me still
  4. Shawn’s a popular artist? Would Lana’s be Summertime Sadness? Edit: why is this in introductions?
  5. Now that Im back, Im here to put you back into your place. Girl, are you that dense? This is a DUET, meaning, its just as much Mariah's record as it is Boyz II Men. The fact that you're trying to discredit people off of this award shows how much of a dumbass stan you MAY be. Lets take that Normani X Kalid song for example. Love Lies is a DUET henny, do you see an artist credited as a feature or as a lead artist? Same goes with OSD. And the kii about OSD is that NOBODY even remembers how that song goes. Like, cmon now, just admit you're seething about OTR beating Moo lady and go on with your day.
  6. And how many Mooraih Stans say Mariah's record or Mariah and Boyz II Men's record? Its kind of what they deserve, and OSD is a shit song.
  7. The singles were so promising... this isn't very good. Im so sad. Just Wanna still slaps, probably one of her best.
  8. wbk, hell it killed them when they found out they needed to share the record with Justin.
  9. We will be streaming at 12:00AM EST on the dot, periodT! Just Wanna SLAPPPPPPPS!
  10. That movie was a fucking mess. These dumbass Monsters will praise that botox botched bitch for clipping her nails.