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  1. I agree honestly. James Charles did make some troubling remarks though. Quoting " it doesn't matter I'm a celebrity " in regards to getting a straight man. This is more than just hitting on a straight man, it's deliberately using your power over someone to get sexual gratification. But i agree that " cancelled culture" as you put it, is very much displaced often. People choose to cancel people once others are backing them up. There are SO MANY other people in the past and present industry who deserve to cancelled, but people always turn a blind eye. But suddenly when someone with a platform comes around to call out the "canceled persons" discrepancies, then everyone comes around. I'm not saying it James Charles didn't do anything wrong and that he doesn't deserve to be ridiculed and one way or another , I'm just agreeing that it's quite unfair to watch so many other people get away with things while James Charles, as it was fucked up, just made a few mistakes and is now being men hunted by society.