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  1. Cruel Summer - "He looks up grinning like the devil!". That line alone sounds better than all of false god 😂. Then there's Cornelia Street, I Think He Knows, THE MAN. Fucking BOPS!! False god is.....cute.
  2. You don't know Disney's Lizzie McGuire... What dreams are made of? I loved her a lot at one point (obsessed even because of her show)
  3. Me! Has always been great. It does have a childish sound to it, but it was just a fun catchy feel good song. Folks here were probably expecting her to drop something a Lil more deep especially after the reputation vibes hence the unnecessary critic. Anyway, when listening to the whole album, ME! and you need to calm down really do stand out beautifully. But i won't call it the best on the album. Lover is something... Even 'I forgot that you existed' has its own way..
  4. Definitely not like milk. Waaaay better than Reputation (reputation is her weakest for God sake), not anywhere as good as 1989, but i definitely get the vibes of the album. They have a resemblance. Cornelia Street Cruel Summer Lover Miss Americana and the heartbreak prince I think he knows. Those are my top five in no particular order. Honorable mentions - The man, London Boy, It's Nice to have a friend, Paper Rings. It's a beautiful body of work that reflects her power and ability to create nice albums, irregardless of record labels (a la scooter Braun).
  5. Lover is the album of the year IMO. But Ari can totally get it too (maybe billie, doubt it). ASB has its own categories tied down at the motion picture sections. I don't see it hitting album of the year. But it's definitely eating up the gift and all other movie related OSTs. Not bad predictions, but Ari x Social House... Record of the year nom? On what planet? It's dope but doesn't even hit that hard enough to be considered.
  6. LMFAO, my thoughts too. I don't like her generally. Not one, and i mean NOT ONE of her songs ever clicked with me. They all sound noisy.
  7. if it's down to who has the better songs. Damn Nicki squashes all of Cardis. But this song is so basic and the video looks a lil desperate. But then, Jamaican vibes going on, i could get down to it. You could too. let's dance OT: I enjoyed Cardis press but it is as meh as this song. Is there no rap queen who can give me proper pop infused rap songs?!! OMG!! Iggy tried with ended and Sally stalker. They were kewt! Too bad they kinda flopped. Especially ended. Sweet video + nice tune = bop!! It could have been a hit during her era. Sadly miss Nicki is def over, and Cardi is racing to an end too like her life depended on it. Girl better step up!!
  8. Please you are "Very" wrong, nothing was unsuccessful about lemonade + we stan the impact it had! it was both a commercial and very critical success 👑 (since when did a 2x plat album become unsuccessful). EIL did okay too and that still doesn't make it unsuccessful. It wasn't a solo endeavour anyway but still did well. Nothing that defines an actual flop, guurrrrrrl!
  9. I was gonna like until i saw the bey drag!! Do not come for Beyoncé!! the word flop and her being can not mix!!
  10. This is gonna be dope!! COP is coming back like a phoenix yasss!! Being so new, i was shocked to see the supposed shutdown, so this is nice.
  11. This right here... katy has kinda lost her appeal, but I'll close my eyes and say number 11 / 12.... but at least top 20.
  12. everything on there's dope.... But i think Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by todrick deserves a spot on that playlist. ISSA ANTHEM!!