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  1. LMFAO, my thoughts too. I don't like her generally. Not one, and i mean NOT ONE of her songs ever clicked with me. They all sound noisy.
  2. if it's down to who has the better songs. Damn Nicki squashes all of Cardis. But this song is so basic and the video looks a lil desperate. But then, Jamaican vibes going on, i could get down to it. You could too. let's dance OT: I enjoyed Cardis press but it is as meh as this song. Is there no rap queen who can give me proper pop infused rap songs?!! OMG!! Iggy tried with ended and Sally stalker. They were kewt! Too bad they kinda flopped. Especially ended. Sweet video + nice tune = bop!! It could have been a hit during her era. Sadly miss Nicki is def over, and Cardi is racing to an end too like her life depended on it. Girl better step up!!
  3. Please you are "Very" wrong, nothing was unsuccessful about lemonade + we stan the impact it had! it was both a commercial and very critical success 👑 (since when did a 2x plat album become unsuccessful). EIL did okay too and that still doesn't make it unsuccessful. It wasn't a solo endeavour anyway but still did well. Nothing that defines an actual flop, guurrrrrrl!
  4. I was gonna like until i saw the bey drag!! Do not come for Beyoncé!! the word flop and her being can not mix!!
  5. This is gonna be dope!! COP is coming back like a phoenix yasss!! Being so new, i was shocked to see the supposed shutdown, so this is nice.
  6. This right here... katy has kinda lost her appeal, but I'll close my eyes and say number 11 / 12.... but at least top 20.
  7. everything on there's dope.... But i think Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by todrick deserves a spot on that playlist. ISSA ANTHEM!!
  8. THIS SONG IS A BOP! A FUCKING BOP!! Why's no one talking about it on here? And the music video, oh my God the Music Video is the best thing right now! Visuals served to the fucking maaaaaaaax!! Todrick is pretty amazing sometimes, let's be honest.. Also, i'm not sure how to add the YouTube link on here, sooooo... Just go check it out if you haven't yet!! Jezuz!.
  9. This is good to hear. The song is fresh and Katy looks amazing in the video. I hope it becomes a top 10 hit at least.
  10. The song might be basic, but visuals will definitely be served to the max!! It's almost time!.
  11. Nah, I'm a sinless Catholic. At least to everyone around me. I'm a saint.
  12. A sad true life story. They all won at the end
  13. OMG, I know right. Unnecessary folks.. Anyway, loving that Halsey Nightmare avi!! Cool video, cool song. She's doing well.