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  1. Lol, I'm gay and nigerian, i think my whole life is illegal!. Although, i don't practice. So maybe not, but then I'm on grindr every now and then window shopping (cause I'm too fucking scared to meet up in person.) so maybe that makes it illegal. Anything else, nah, I'm a sinless Catholic. At least to everyone around me. I'm a saint.
  2. OMG, I know right. Unnecessary folks.. Anyway, loving that Halsey Nightmare avi!! Cool video, cool song. She's doing well.
  3. I do agree with this (excluding that sad, unnecessary "HIV+" drag). Some hive members do go too far sometimes. The Taylor marching bands Issue at first i thought was a lil joke, until i got on twitter and saw it was actually a serious thing. That was messed up... it actually showed a bit of ignorance over the use of marching bands in performances through history. Also, i mean it was even used in the song. Anyway, this is about Beyonce being a sweet kind, talented human being, especially when separated from some toxic fans (which all stars have). Sadly, some users on here can't see the difference and even lack the receipts to prove otherwise (that's besides being bitter).
  4. Sadly, i think Craig is the exact kinda person that just hates on beyonce for no good reason!! 2. HOW DARE YOU!? Do you know what a performance is? Have you even seen one in your life? What's boring about an energetic, visually stimulating, vocally charged performance. Everything served to the fucking max. Sis, are you just saying this for the sake of exaggeration because every thing about you right now is screaming lack of taste. LAWD forgive this young man for he has sinned!! Place any female performer (ANY performer even!!) next to Beyonce on a stage and they'll look like back up dancers because her presence, good vocals + dance moves will dominate them. None of your faves can put on the kind of powerful, ground breaking shows she does because of fear of passing out or just falling flat on their asses!! 5. Honestly, you 👏don't👏 know 👏 what 👏you 👏 are 👏 saying 👏!! Jeezus!! Because she makes more money than your crusty ass faves, all of a sudden she's greedy? Yikes, the mentality of this one! Craig, honey, please take a seat... But at the back row, cause your bad taste and irrational hatred for Beyonce could be contagious (for the weak minded of course)!!
  5. I honestly don't care about this entire story. Both himself and tatiTALE WestCrook seem like awful people to me. I personally won't make a 40 min video ruining someone i claimed to cherish so much. Or maybe i'm just not a vengeful person ...
  6. I think you meant to ask if she's anything short of a good business woman. A savage, smart, sexy business woman who knows how to get the money in full and with a lil extra on the side. The way you people take something good and turn it upside down all because of petty jealousy is laughable. She's a smart bitch, you and your faves should try and get smarter and more business savvy. Maybe that way they'll finally be able to match her acclaim. So please just take a seat, but at the back, before you infect/influence us with poor business choices. (PS: if you go into business and you ain't playing to get the biggest paycheck, you are just naive. This world isn't made for bottom feeders that can't maximize opportunities and only take scraps... Oop!!)
  7. Katy Perry : FIREWORKS (my gay afro heart bloomed with this song!!) and all her damn songs. Fuck witness, give this lady respect Goddamn it. Lady Gaga : Bad Romance. I liked lady gaga after hearing just dance, paparazzi, poker face and eh eh!. But this song, Bad Romance, this Damn song is melody, drama and everything to the max. Also, Judas, Alejandro, i mean come on. Adele : Honestly, she's such a gem to the music industry. Rolling in the deep got me, but set fire to the rain cemented my destiny!! Madonna: I remember as a kid watching La Isla Bonita and seeing Madonna as this Supreme creature. It was strange. Also, like a prayer. These songs mean everything to mean. Riri : Umbrella, ella Ella Ella!! Also, she's always felt so approachable and so Goddamn real even though I've never met her. Bless this goddess!! (PS where have you been is my fave riri video ever, visuals served to the max!) Taylord : Okay, i found Taylor Swift lame for a long time. Hated her win over Beyonce's single ladies and Just didn't get why people liked this little country girl. Until i heard fearless album and speak now. Red had me spinning, but 1989! Lawd, that album is perfection. Finally : BEYONCÉ . No words. Okay a few. I've been following her since destiny Child as a Lil kid. I just love her energy. She's a great dancer, a good vocalist and is damn gorgeous. BEST FEMALE PERFORMER OF ALL TIME. tbh, can't pick a song (maybe survivor even though it's a group song..), she's just, ugh! (PS: cause of my elder bros i got hooked on rap god's like Eminem, Missy Elliott and Eve. Respect! But Nicki Minaj got me listening to hip hop again, sorry, not sorry!!)
  8. OMG, you're just finding out who Queengrid is?? She's such a talent and also a very cool unproblematic young woman. Love Ha!!
  9. Awesome teaser, really looking forward to it. I do agree with the fact that she lost all that villainy goodness with that backstory of hers but the first part was still pretty good. (side note, shouldn't her voice be a wee bit deeper?, i dunno...)
  10. I'm glad electricity brought home a Grammy at least. Such a fucking bop!!