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    7th Ring, Hell
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    I work in retail
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    Music, poetry, jazz, blues, rap, psychedelic rock
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    'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd; 'Cruel World' by Lana Del Rey; 'Space Bootz' by Miley Cyrus;
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    Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey; Honeymoon by Lana; Goddess by Banks; Trilogy by The Weeknd; Awaken My Love! by Childish Gambino; Damn. by Kendrick Lamar
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    Kesha's latest album
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    Endless Summer Tour, Lana Del Rey;
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    Game of Thrones; Dexter; True Blood
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    Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction
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    'Tropico' by Lana Del Rey
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    Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Banks, Florence & The Machine, Frank Ocean, Pink Floyd, Miley Cyrus, Black Angels, Flaming Lips, Black Keys
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    A Song Of Ice & Fire; Sookie Stackhouse; American Gods
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    Color Blue by Lana Del Rey
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    1. Jazz & Blues are at my #1 spot, 2. Psychedelic rock, 3. Rap/r&b
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    I like Tennessee Vols

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  1. You mean projects that turned out to be less than what was promised? Probably
  2. Submitted. My opinions are very different now than when that album came out lol
  3. Yeah, for some reason you're concerned for their "weighing down the earth"??? How stupid are you? Seriously? Cant tell if this is actual stupidity or sarcasm... either way. It sounds like someone paid you dirt or you're threatened by larger people for some reason? Have they hurt your ego?
  4. sorry, edgy just spilling tea (that most stan groups can't handle to hear for some reason lol)
  5. not really but is there anything Madonna's done that's somewhat original in the past 15yrs? nope
  6. who even is he (he? she? idk what they go by with the feminine look on that thumbnail)
  7. I think it's sad that someone who, chances are, is probably gay (in a pop music community...) wants to single out people by their weight. Hmm how about if we single out all gays? Make the gays pay!! "Well, that's already been done" you might say, so why do we need to do it to bigger people? We can see them clearly, we know they're bigger and trust me, they're well aware too. They aren't my type to date but who am I to tell someone they're too big to simply fucking live? This post comes off as condescending, maybe you need to work on self care yourself before coming for people who 4/5 chances cant change that about themselves... & They probably would change it if they had their way but they've ACCEPTED themselves, clearly something you may not understand I'm just calling out the OP. Cool your shit...
  8. Are there no Lana stans here?
  9. God, shes just.... bad. that's simply why. Bc she can't sing anymore like she used to
  10. Thanks for the positive posts everyone c:
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