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  1. omg i saw this via my email acc, i'm really sorry that it's coming to an end :(
  2. stop trying to change the topic. i'm talking about normani not being beyonce, not where find u again charted. can you not except that normani is not beyonce? it's the truth. normani is not beyonce
  3. honestly normani doesn't have bad vocals but she obviously isn't the new beyonce. for the sweetener tour she just literally danced and sung a FIFTH HARMONY compilation. i mean she's just straight up performing songs she didn't even write. none of the others members are doing it. i think that's a bit fucked up really. plus she basically rose to fame from her collaboration with Sam Smith. beyonce will be remembered after she dies but normani? hell na. thank you
  4. yeah, camila is the 3rd most streamed on spotify (monthly). u sure that she's over?
  5. normani is no way the new beyonce. biggest joke i've heard this year lmao
  6. tbh i wish crying in the club and i have questions were on the album, would've saved be some money having to buy the 7'
  7. You know, just because someone has good stats for their debut songs doesn't mean it will stay like that. Don't get tooo excited.
  8. Don't even like the album anyway, it feels rushed. but i would say bloodline.
  9. Am I the only person who things Pete was kinda awkward? Wearing a dead president t-shirt in public, kissing his new 'girlfriend' in public so everyone can see. Ugh.. She's so considerate because she had a tattoo of Pete's grandfather firefighter number whatever on her leg. I know other celebrities wouldn't do anything like that.
  10. I think these were the songs that deserved to have a single spot: Control (obviously) Into It Never Be The Same Havana In the dark In the dark was very underrated tbh.
  11. She didn't even have a single cover for the original Real Friends on Spotify....only the colab.