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  1. r/mexico so i keep updated on news
  2. everything is okay but is not okay at the same time
  3. always fresh, looking good feeling like i own the place
  4. dreaming of a time and place where you and i remain the best of friends even after all this ends
  5. Idk if im allowed to return from afBANNIStan this time, I just logged in, but this vacation holiday I had was good, last time I was allowed to return xo
  6. to make things clear im not a dupe, im r a d a r, last year I left and Queenuela kindlyallowed me to comeback under a new account or the same one I had whatever I decided, now someone claimed I was a dupe and banned me, like.... lol, #notadupe #justice4radar
  7. I mean you kinda were mad if you gave me 22 wp and an instantly permanent ban over two posts, one of them written by u