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  1. The song is a grower in my opinion. The autotune was a mess but other than that the song is pretty good. A solid 6 in my eyes.
  2. This is essentially a thread where you can air out all the issues you have with any specific artist. Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say. P.S.: Let's not forget that this is battlegrounds, not no holds barred so keep it classy
  3. Loverboy was ions better than I'm Real(ly a fraud). Jlo swiping a sample was a blessing in disguise cause the Firecracker version of Loverboy was horrendous.
  4. Madonna just posted this on her Instagram account. The way she's hyping this album up it better be full of bops
  5. Honestly, if the songs are good then I see no problems with it. Hell you could give me three songs as long as they're bops
  6. South Korea deserved to be in the top 1 position at least. That song was a whole bop
  7. Syd is whole queen. She's in a group called The Internet. You should check them out
  8. Rihanna has always been a good singer but I do agree that she has improved a lot
  9. By calling K pop trash, you're calling pop trash because K-pop is essentially pop music in a different language
  10. As soon as you get out your feelings sweetie