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  1. OK then I'll take the USA because why not?
  2. It doesn't have to be the country you were born in right?
  3. Congrats to the only interesting member of Fifth Harmony
  4. Destiny's Child was that group during the 90s. Them, TLC, Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men
  5. TEA!!!!! She's been rapping about her sons since Pink Friday. You'd think four albums in she'd give us something new and fresh. Guess not
  6. I think after this tour Nicki should just take a break. Like maybe 2-3 years, maybe 4. During that time she stay out of the public light, re-calibrate her chakra (or energy, whatever), fire everyone on her team, get rid of all those yes men around her and come back with some bops after her hiatus is finished.
  7. Yikes . What made you come to this conclusion? (I don't really follow him so idk.). I don't think he's ugly though. He's no Shawn Mendes but he's not Pete Davidson either.
  8. Them: So what are your plans for the weekend?

    Me: undefined

  9. I've noticed since joining COP that Ed Sheeran isn't the most likeable person here. In fact, while viewing the COP Awards thread, not only did i notice that he was nominated, but he also won. Some where even saying he deserved it. I'm by no means a stan or a fan (he has a few songs that I like) but I'm just curious to know why y'all are so hostile towards him?
  10. Sweetener=thank u, next>>>>>>>>>>>>>My Everything>>>>>>>Dangerous Woman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yours Truly Disagree? Oh well, that's cool. You're entitled to your own wrong opinions.
  11. Regardless of whether you think he did this or not, why the actual FUCK would someone say something like this? I..... I'm honestly mystified.
  12. The Rihanna Reign just refuses to let up #Legend
  13. To everyone who took part in this, you guys did an amazing job putting all this together. Can't wait for the next one. Also, congratulations once again to everyone who won an award tonight. We stan excellence on this forum.
  14. Congrats @Oh My Gaga It's what you deserve sis
  15. Congrats to everyone who has won again so far. Hopefully, one day, I'll be nominated or even win one of the good awards. I'm still fairly new here so I don't really know much about anything lol. I'll be moral support