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  1. I stole a condom because naïve me thought they were those harmless inflatable balloons.
  2. All my faves that are releasing stuff this year i can't
  3. Wow! The song blew me away. Gonna check out her album asap
  4. I can already hear the homophobes having meltdowns
  5. kharij

    Random Thoughts

    Feeling anxious about getting a blood test later this week. Ugh, just when I thought I don't have to deal with needles anymore.
  6. A Carly stan! The taste Also, welcome to COP!
  7. When people cut you off while you're talking. I experienced this so much even with people I know. So I would be talking with someone right? Then a 3rd person just butts in and starts talking to the person you were just talking to. It's really annoying, yet people ask me why I don't socialize often.
  8. I like it, but not so much. I understand why she chose this song as the first single though since it's radio friendly and will surely get a lot of plays. It's basically the 'Shake It Off' of the album, I'm sure the next singles would have more substance.
  9. The snippets are so gorgeous. Can't wait for the album.