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  1. I see "kii" everywhere but I honestly don't know what it means...
  2. Shane never sat right with me ever since he lashed out at fans who criticized his videos, and allowing his stans to bully them on twitter. But this... I-
  3. I thought we ended at 3? This just seems unnecessary tbh.
  4. Looks like fun, would be nice to catch her performing live out of the blue. Too bad though since I live a thousand miles away from L.A
  5. Normally, I would brush my teeth after meals, but my daily routine when I have school always ends up with me brushing my teeth at home then eating breakfast at 9AM.
  6. This is pretty obvious, but it's Tove Lo. I was just a casual listener, but when her album 'Blue Lips' dropped, I became a die-hard fan. That's when I started going to her earlier works. I really like how her lyrics are dark, blunt but still catchy as hell and most of it (if not all) can be related to my life. I'm a super emotional person, and that's what Tove Lo also describes herself too; The self-destructive behavior and all that. She's also the reason why I've come to accept my sexuality and made me come out of the closet last year! I love her so much, and it would be a dream come true to go to her concert.
  7. As a bisexual guy, this is so baffling that people genuinely believe that bisexuality doesn't exist.
  8. The past few days haven't been the best, been crying and just staying in my room processing things.
  9. I've been to Tokyo a few months ago, but my time there was so amazing, I wish I could go back. The people are super nice and the food is good too.
  10. I'm gonna be honest and say that I've thought about killing someone. But TBH I can't ever bring myself to do it since that won't accomplish anything.
  11. I thought about this at some point. My answer's a no.