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  1. Can you stop coming here Pete?

  2. Holy shit She's number 1, 2 and 3 on Hot 100 and all 12 songs charted wow She really is a force I didn't know this era was this huge
  3. how do i switch to itunes uk to download stuff I want

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    2. Burning Up

      Burning Up

      I can PM you the link :jan1:

    3. the supreme

      the supreme

      it doesnt have what i want ugh

    4. neonnights


      You can only switch iTunes stores if you have a valid credit/debit card issued by a bank in that country. Otherwise, it won’t accept your payment details. I used to get music not available on my country’s iTunes Store on 4Shared, but I think they cracked down on that site over the years. If you can, go to Discogs and order a cheap, used copy of the album you want. Probably the easiest (although slightly inconvenient) way to do it these days. 

  4. Waves x Normani -- Sing Nights Like This x Kehlani -- Skip The Weekend x SZA -- Delete ------------------------------ A No No - Mariah Impressive Instant - Madonna Toxic - Britney Spears
  5. They have enuf fans to fill stadiums?
  6. Just listening to India.Arie and wow she makes great music

  7. imagine - 2 needy - 14 NASA - 7 bloodline - 23 fake smile - 15 bad idea - 29 make up - 3 ghostin - 18 in my head - 15 7 rings - 25 thank u, next - 13 break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored - 16