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  2. reputation was ROBBED anyway congrats KACEY
  3. PERCHED love everything i've heard so far future legend is here
  4. Beyonce, SWEETIE i am so SO sorry....... maybe in ariana's wildest dreams.mp3
  5. she's very embarrassing that's for sure. the quality of her music has taken an ENORMOUS nosedive, as well. but get those free streams and quick lil #1's while it lasts i guess.......
  6. i'm pretty sure the GP still honestly thinks she's black or some kind of mix...... her Oscar is coming!!
  7. Dakota is sooooo good in ither dance scenes are so well done ugh. The original is one of my favourite movies of all time but the two movies could not be any different from each other lol. It's really like they went out of their way to separate the two, which i kind of like cuz it makes it easier to enjoy both as totally separate things without having to compare them!
  8. wow came ready to drag but the TASTE really jumped out! their best sing
  9. Yes! It's very beautiful and super SUPER graphic. It's just an hour too long. They added this subplot where Tilda is dressed in drag and walks around the city realllly slowly and asks questions realllllly slowly and in german. Other than that it's great tho!
  10. Hey i'm new and a HUGE swiftie!!
  11. Hey Guys! Just saw the new Suspiria and was pretty blown away tbh minus the random old man subplot that accomplished nothing....
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    hey guys i just made an account what should i do first?