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  1. So already 3 main pop girls have sampled Justin Timberlake. First SZA, then Halsey and now Ariana Grande.
  2. Impactnet should've done that to her show in Texas last year, instant karma.
  3. Jonas Brother stans? Didn't know Disney Channel got a reboot. The hot dog water smell, ugh it reaks from your avi.
  4. Sweetener has a 81 on metacritic, And the public won't turn on Ari yet, she isn't a 35 year old white woman yet. You're gonna be wearing hearing aids in a elderly home before the public turns on Ari
  5. Ariallah slander won't be tolerated thank u next, the album hasn't even arrived yet and it's already snatched butterfly's weave. No shade to good sis Mimi tho
  6. The difference paranoia over a fresh clean cut image makes
  7. Janets career is "6 feet under" when she just had two back to back arena tours and her last album went #1 and sold 400k in pure sales worldwide. Are you sure you're not confusing Janet with Ciara?
  8. Wasn't the hairy italian going off on how she felt comfortable with RKelly and how "untrue things were said about him and [her]" I'm not surprised a white person is getting brave over black artists. I mean all signs point to it.
  9. Gurney stanning in 2019 repulses me. That bitch just wants to pack her bags and live in Hawaii for the rest of her life.
  10. Imagine it being 2019 and you're still addressing a 2004 Super Bowl halftime that was beyond Janet and Justin's control
  11. He has been exposed for two decades. This sudden faux outrage gives away the fact you're in middle school still.