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    TLC - Unpretty
    CupcakKe - CPR
    Lil Kim - How Many Licks
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    TLC - CrazySexyCool
    TLC - Fanmail
    CupcakKe - Queen Elizabitch
    Lil Kim - Notorious Kim
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    Cardi B - Invasion Of Privacy
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    Celebrity Big Brother UK
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    TLC - Unpretty wins hands down for how they dealt with the topics
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    TLC, CupcakKe, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Star Cast, Missy elliot
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    Anything by Snooki
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    Sexy R&B

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  1. Ok so, In UK schools they have electric keyboards for music lessons. So I really needed to fart, so I thought ok, if I ram down on these keys at the same time and let one rip, no one will hear. So I did just that... I forgot that I had headphones on and everyone heard me
  2. I’m hoping for a new South Park game
  3. It should of been Aaliyah charting. He just needs to have his music permanently shelved.
  4. I’m playing Bioshock on PS4 rn, amazing game
  5. Glee. Such a shame what happened during and after the series.
  6. Sorry I don’t know why it double posted when I refreshed. But yes left eyes rap skill was everything
  7. Personslly, I think Waterfalls gets the attention that Unpretty deserves. Here are are my favourite songs - Unpretty, Baby Baby Baby, No Scrubs, Red Light Special, Get It Up, Dear Lie Girl Talk was majorly slept on. Deserved more in my opinion.
  8. TLC Fan


    I’m loving it so far
  9. TLC Fan


    Thank you, happy to be here, I’m just looking around atm to get the feel of the forums
  10. TLC Fan


    What is your favourite TLC song? Mine is either Red Light Special or Baby Baby Baby
  11. TLC Fan


    Omg yes, it’s so addictive. Some of the songs are good too