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  1. @Ahmed back at it !! Hey bro ;)

    1. Ahmed


      Not really, but hey :rih:

    2. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      We love a Payola king !!

  2. Great to see all the new members !! Let's go CoP !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Perfect Illusion is a terrible song, almost as bad as green light. Also her next lead will not do anything special.
  4. Boyz II Men dont exist in their world cos that is the kind of people they are. Even though without them the song wouldnt even exist cos lord knows Mariah cant write for shit by herself. If you read back in this thread you can see the attitude of lambs, including your best friend Shawnee.
  5. Negativity ? Chile you are hardly expecting this to be a hit LOL
  6. Taylor's era kinda seems like it is over before it even starts. No hype. 

  7. The lambs putting a brave face on this is interesting so far. You just know it is really killing them though.
  8. Confused as to why you are in here playing nice when your server is full of people talking trash about CoP and Indie. I don't understand your intentions..