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  1. Its time for that to be added to the ban logs at this stage.
  2. He has not been well received !! He changed his name to No Fraudzzz in shame after this lOL
  3. LOL suits him perfectly let's be real skskskkskksks OT He recently called Rihanna talentless on FoTP.
  4. When people write an essay called I'm done, back in June yet are still here at the end of August it is time for them to seek help. As Ahmed said, that is not a bad thing and is nothing for them to be ashamed of, it is simply what they need to move on.
  5. The only person i ever saw say anything sexual about Craig was @AmazingAzalean LOL He also told me that he wanted to c*m on my hole.
  6. The point is that HE is trying to make it out to be a sexual thing when bloody everyone called him Miss Craig, and of course it meant nothing, it was just in fun but HE is trying to make it out to be something it isnt. He also claimed that Ahmed told him all the sexual things i said I wanted to do to him . Which never happened and was a complete lie that Craig invented. Ahmed told us this. So as you can see it was Craig who was making something out of nothing, as USUAL.
  7. Craig, CoP is over, let it go. I truly wish you peace and happiness.
  8. Oh please stop, you are bullying me emotionally and I may snap. Sit down LOL.