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  1. I can see her point with the EP. She is testing the waters after the monumental flop of YN.
  2. Original lead artist LOL, the song was a 50/50 with Boyz to Men leading it if anything. Also it was Tommy who masterminded that collab.
  3. Now actually the problem is yours when you are throwing baseless and vile accusations. Have a seat.
  4. I haven't said a word about Mariah in months. You are becoming very redundant, you need a new stchick. You used to be somewhat funny but not now I'm afraid. Your comedy act wouldnt sell out the back row of a basketball arena.
  5. I am here waiting for you bro. XXX
  6. Another thread about these two feuding queens? Really...
  7. Literally been saying this since the first thread was made about them.
  8. What an amazing performance by Madonna. Her tone on LAP was stunning, so rich. 

  9. He said she said between two bitchy gays and their female friend LOL None of them are probably telling the truth. The world is worse for giving them any air time or attention.
  10. He is the current holder of the Worst Taste Award, winning by a landslide in the recent CoP awards, summer edition
  11. Yes. I've been preaching this for months. Who gives a damn who writes what.