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  1. Biggest girl in the game right now.
  2. The HATE U video was video edited to death. I have posted receipts in SYG. However I am sure that you know this already.
  3. Nice try but Mariah photoshops all her pics, candids included. @Minaj à Trois you should add the recent beach pics !
  4. And just because YOU hate JLO doesn't mean that YOU have to discredit HER. Mariah is absolutely not miles more famous than JLO in the US. JLOs residency outsold Mariahs easily. JLO is a huge name.
  5. You are right. Carole King is very local to US.
  6. J LO writes her own songs. Queen.
  7. And anyone who thinks she is gonna be some huge star is delulu. Camila got lucky and she is pretty much done at this point.
  8. How is it her debut single when its a duet with Sam Smith ? Also Love lies debuted really low and climbed over months.
  9. The only song called Beautiful which is remembered by anyone is by Christina Aguilera ! 

  10. Not a chance. Who do you think has been buying her debut album in the last 20 years. Nobody ! Are you referring to the Merry Christmas album ? If so that actually sells very little, its high position is mostly due to streaming from All I want for Christmas is you, and it only really started to show a resurgence again in 2012, when the song became eligible to chart and streaming rules were introduced. It didn't chart highly on sales/downloads prior to that.
  11. The debut is unlikely to qualify to be re certified. There is no way it has sold a further million copies since 1999.
  12. The real gag is that that photo is probably shopped to death !!