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  1. JLO IS A LEGEND. SEETHE haters !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. So try hard. I don't actually recall literally anyone predicting where it was going to land this week. I certainly didn't. I don't care that much to be honest.
  3. Shallow has two l's and the word freefalled does not exist. Thank you, next.
  4. Did I say it was free falling this week ? It free fell LAST WEEK. I didn't comment on its performance at all this week because I have been like busy with my job and life and shit so I don't care where the hell Shallow lands on the hot 100 this week.
  5. I never said it was against the rules, but claiming something is ripped off, when a quick search would have told you that it was legally sampled, makes you look a little silly. And I never want you to look silly my sweet burningUP.
  6. Her lyrics are atrocious. I am DISGUSTED any time her drivel comes on.
  7. Not you shading Mariah Carey like that hahah ! She was sued for Emotions.
  8. Do your research better before you make threads. Just some friendly advice.