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  1. Sure, cos no one has had a line about hair in their song before LOL That would be like Patti Labelle claiming Whitney Houston ripped her off for using the line "Your love is my love in her song"
  2. She sounds amazing. So powerful and resonant.
  3. Imagine hating a pop star/celebrity so much that you actually want then to die... I really cannot relate to that. 

    1. CUZ!CAN


      imagine taking everything serious trolls are postin, its not that deep

    2. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      If you take the time to post that shit you must mean it on some level. 

  4. That is amazing, snatching the record back from Mariah ! She reached 10.8 million on Christmas Eve. Ari had the biggest female single day prior to that with Thank U Next, which bettered Mariah's old mark twice before Mariah resnatched. So with this Ari goes from being the second biggest female to the biggest streamed ACT in one day. WOW.
  5. She really needs to get her name attached to something big. I remember Kylie saying years ago that America is so massive, with so many formats that she and her team were so daunted by even knowing how to try and get her out there that they just decided not to bother for years.
  6. HAHA She is perfectly allowed to lick her OWN doughnut though man !! STREAM 7 RINGS !!
  7. You like my hair, Gee thanks, just bought it !
  8. Only someone who isn't getting or giving the good D would hate this song
  9. This. If she actually was being serious about it it would come across as tragic. It just comes across as her having fun and doing something different.
  10. Normanis song with Sam is kind of a bop though. And Waves is cool too.
  11. You like my hair, Gee thanks, just bought it Slay !