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  1. Literally been saying this since the first thread was made about them.
  2. What an amazing performance by Madonna. Her tone on LAP was stunning, so rich. 

  3. He said she said between two bitchy gays and their female friend LOL None of them are probably telling the truth. The world is worse for giving them any air time or attention.
  4. He is the current holder of the Worst Taste Award, winning by a landslide in the recent CoP awards, summer edition
  5. Yes. I've been preaching this for months. Who gives a damn who writes what.
  6. You do realize that history in its-self has been inherently racist, historically ? Saying it wasn't racist, it was history literally makes no sense.
  7. Doing something once does not constitute a spree. Next. 

  8. Why would 25 have been in the Urban Category, its not urban. Seriously, THINK. LOADS of categories are not televised due to time constraints.
  9. So what you are trying to say is that the urban categories, which basically celebrate black music and culture don't mean much? You are really going to imply that these categories have no value or substance and are worth nothing? You really need to re-evaluate your opinions and think about what you are saying MEANS and the implications that can be drawn from what you write, before you write such comments. @fentypark @Rainbow 💫 @i am chiron. @Ahmed
  10. Whatever. The bey fans on this site have seen me defend her so STEP back.
  11. Imagine being a 21 year old white gay male from the UK and actively hating, I mean actually having pure hatred for a strong black powerful woman while stanning Demi Lovato and Katy Perry . I mean you have to really question why and what is the motivation for this blatant hatred..
  12. What are you rambling about? I like Beyonce and have defended her many times on this forum. Are you confusing me with someone else? I don't even like Katy Perry..
  13. Actually no, dozens of people have NOT called me out over questionable comments towards black artists as they don't and havent existed. The blatant lies. Now run along and listen to your Teenage Dream album that we know is your guilty pleasure.
  14. You may be black but you certainly don't speak for or represent all black people so don't speak for them as a group. I have never read lipstick alley in my life and I haven't said any "questionable" things about black artists on this forum, or anywhere else. So step back and watch your accusations Miss Chen. Thank you, next.