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  1. Poor joyrider out here gloating about the fact that ten people made wop accounts and failed to make a single post lol @New Beginnings the delusion is too much lol. Don't forget to issue the relevant warning points for its attacks on you and the forum under raindrops status below. The bitterness is too much. Serving miss Craig..

  2. Miss Shawnee is as bad. The effort it goes to. I guess those flop threads on wop don't take up much of its time.
  3. Bitch you probably can't even swim lol

    PS Gaga is over. Chained to Vegas.

  4. I can just imagine you at home with your little fenty beauty pack, prettying yourself up for a night on the town.
  5. Bradley carried the song, movie and is largely responsible for its success.
  6. You know you've lost an argument when you resort to correcting an auto correct error. Please give me the links to any movies, commercials, tv series that have used Rihamas music for anything ? Game, set and match to King or Queen.
  7. The GP are not going to licence her masters to use in movies, commercials or such. I never said the GP did not want to listen to her music. Or questioned the amount of free streams she has amassed over the years. Maybe try and comprehend what is being said before your eager little fingers hit the quote button.
  8. Gaga doesn't really have an Oscar, it was the song that won. Her oscar is shared with her fellow songwriters.
  9. Shaming LOL. Where did I ever shame anyone for using playback ? My problem is when deluded fans try to claim something is live when it isnt. And that is NOT the same thing. SO you may want to check yourself bro, because you are all the way out of line. Also miss me with the personal attacks Miss Craig, someone is getting far too big for their cargo pants lately. The NERVE.
  10. Not crack LOL But myself and Ahmed have been high all day. Join us
  11. The amount of streams her songs have on spotify has nothing to do with the value of her masters....
  12. Does anyone even want to use Rihannas music though, that is the real question ? I mean owning something that no one wants is ultimately worthless.
  13. Changing a word here and there does not really count as "writing". Madonna wrote some songs completely by herself. Miss Fenty cannot relate.
  14. You were the one who brought Mariahs name into it, are you confused ? Also Madonna has never lipped in her life. Not least to someone elses vocals. *** of course you don't, your favourite song has never been sung fully live, at least by its original singer.