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  1. impossibleprincess


    It hasn't leaked, i think people talk about it just because Nicola posted that snippet last year:
  2. impossibleprincess


    I believe that the new single will be "Miss You"
  3. Does anyone know what are the current sales of Femme Fatale in the US? Wonder if it has any chance to get 1KK over there any time soon.
  4. I don't doubt it at all! They had a xtina demo but i never even dared to ask how much it was. Also i remember when they were selling Lady Gaga's demo of Quicksand by Britney, i remember someone saying that they wanted like 8k for this song and another demo.
  5. These are fake I mean, the original Music Mafia had a lot of these songs and leaked some snippets back when the site was still alive and also they had a warning in the site not to believe in any mm social media. Even so, it doesn't mean that these will leak soon since they were charging a fortune for them. If I'm correct they wanted over $1000 for My Way 💀
  6. Mine was I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado. She and Avril Lavigne were my two first faves and i still adore them nowadays.
  7. I'm so sad that i missed this Stan the light is coming, sweetener and get well soon though!
  8. 1. Invitation - 15 2. Make Me… - 15 3. Private Show - 13 4. Man On The Moon - 14 5. Just Luv Me - 15 6. Clumsy - 15 7. Do You Wanna Come Over? - 18 8. Slumber Party - 16 9. Just Like Me - 15 10. Love Me Down - 13 11. Hard To Forget Ya - 15 12. What You Need - 15 13. Better - 16 14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - 15 15. Liar - 15 16. If I’m Dancing - 15 17. Coupure Électrique - 15 18. Mood Ring - 15
  9. Just sent mine since someone had to give that 11 to More Than Words
  10. Shades of Cool: 9/10. Great song but i lowkey forgot about it until now
  11. Soon you'll be stanning Godney, i can feel it Maybe you should listen to this one more so it grows on you, all the songs are easily 10s for me. Also i think that the next album you should check is In the Zone, or maybe Femme Fatale if you're looking for more dance tracks.
  12. It didn't do so bad tbh, i'd kill for one of my faves to have a single with these numbers nowadays