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  1. I didn't like the Beautiful Trauma album but i'm hoping for the best when it comes to this one. Didn't expect it to come so soon though. Praying for this to happen, it's what that disaster of a label deserves
  2. Yaaas so excited for this! Will send my rates asap. Also i'm so glad that people here doesn't seen to hate this album as everyone else does
  3. i love Ariana but 7 rings is kinda shit and probably only got so huge because she's in a great moment at her musical career. I wish that songs like 'Into You', 'No Tears Left to Cry' or 'Love Me Harder' got that #1 instead. Also it might have outsold 'Formation' but it will never have the same impact as that song It's not all about charts and sales!
  4. i'm surprised at the budget invested in this Hoping she gets more luck than the other girls of her group.
  5. Yeah she just announced it randomly like last week and then dropped it yesterday lol. All of these songs are bops, my fave is Bad Dog. And from the new album my faves are More Than Ok and 1969
  6. Ugh i hate when mine is full of these flop unreleased albums Artists:
  7. Omg i wish i could've seen her live too! I wish she could go back to music but i feel like she's not into it anymore after getting two albums scrapped. Still hope that 'Fingerprints' will leak though! It did, around two years ago! I thought about posting it here but then realised it's not allowed to do so. A few songs of her second scrapped album, Fingerprints, have leaked too.
  8. this is so good, i just know it will be a huge smash
  9. 3 MADONNA 63 4 MICHAEL JACKSON 44 6 KYLIE MINOGUE 32 8 ROBBIE WILLIAMS 31 10 RIHANNA 30 11 THE BEATLES 28 17 MARIAH CAREY 24 18 BRITNEY SPEARS 23 24 GIRLS ALOUD 21 28 TAKE THAT 20 UK have taste! I thought Take That would have more top 10's though and that Sugababes would be in that list too.
  10. This thread is made for X Factor fans, Xenomania stans and listeners of flop UK artists in general. Amelia Lily was a contestant in the eight series of X Factor and finished at third place. Following X Factor she got a record deal with Sony and started working with Xenomania in her debut album, that would be called "Be a Fighter" and was supposed to be released in 2013. It had the singles "You Bring Me Joy" (#2 in UK), "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got) (#11 in UK) and "Party Over" (#40 in UK). She worked with songwriters like Tove Lo and Florrie for example, but thanks to the performance of the third single the album was delayed and ultimately cancelled. The standard edition of the album leaked in 2017 but all of her 3 stans like me are still mourning this release I was wondering, does anyone here like/liked her? If not, check her singles below 01 You Bring Me Joy 02 Party Over 03 The Hills 04 Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got) 05 Walk In My Shoes 06 Just Can't Take the Rumours 07 Promises 08 Be a Fighter 09 Over and Out 10 Heartbeat 11 Blue 12 Truth or Dare 13 Look Who's Laughing Now
  11. Yes, it's that one! I also would love to hear the tracks she did with Phoebe Ryan: "Better Days", "Snow Globe" and "Northern Star".