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  1. Honestly true. I noticed stans of other music aka country or metal etc wont listen to other. It works multiple ways. I listen to r&b/country/rock/ but mostly pop
  2. U kinda answered ur own question. They are pop stans, hence stan pop.
  3. She should just post photos of her actual self without all the photoshop tbh maybe shed get more respect.
  4. To bad its not that good and copypasted
  5. Spit me out like hot wasabi, Lick me up, I'm sweet and salty, Mix it up and down my body, Love to hate me, praise me, shame me, Either way you talk about me



  6. People are fucked up we live in a world that just gets worse Question: What is an aboriginal?
  7. I heard one of her songs I may check it out
  8. hotshot

    Louis Tomlinson

    not all posts by @Diaboliq poor Louis
  9. ok so I listened to it 7 rings sounds almost exactly like this except for the favorite things sample