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  1. Its honestly bad production wise. Passenger is messy and some others r hard to listen to but thats my 2 cents. Strihm Circus n Blackout
  2. Get well soon ig Strihm bad idea and bloodline
  3. Honeymoon Avenue vs. Imagine Baby I vs. Needy Right There vs.NASA Tattooed Heart vs. Bloodline Lovin' It vs. Fake Smile Piano vs. Bad Idea Daydreamin' vs. Make Up The Way vs. Ghostin You'll Never Know vs. In My Head Almost Is Never Enough vs. 7 Rings Popular Song vs. Thank U, Next Better Left Unsaid vs. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored Yt - 3 tu, n - 9
  4. Its odd cause in the SG and the Scene albums shes not whispering as much. I think they just told her to