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  1. Thread reposted x2

  2. How embarassing It's just sad
  3. where is Gaga thread :oprah:

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    2. Burning Up

      Burning Up

      @Craig we didn't know your name is Lady Gaga. Where tf is personal attack?

    3. Craig


      Taylor Chen learned to zip it. Seems like you need a few lessons

    4. Craig


      @Burning Up if you keep coming for someones fave BECAUSE you dont like another member, then you are creating a thread IN SPITE of them/trying to get under their skin. 

  4. I hope someone didn't get pregnant after holiday weekend
  5. You chose your side :kelly:


    1. AlexaHasTheTEASara


      the fucking NERVE after i whacked you in that thread...learn to take an L already gurl this is SAD

    2. Burning Up

      Burning Up

      Stop making drama, Indie

  6. I wonder why my status update was deleted. I didn't ask anyone to do it:mooshade:

    1. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      What did you say on it ? 

    2. Burning Up

      Burning Up

      I just stated the fact that @AmazingAzalean joined the WOP. But now @Oh My Gaga blames me in creating drama for some reason