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  1. an iconic bop which is pop perfection we been knew omg
  2. I feel so badd for Zayn tbh. He had so much potential but let his momentum fade by not promoting his music
  3. Both Dancing Queen and Staying Alive were huge hits in the lates 70s and are ABBA and BEE GEES biggest hits respectively. They embodied the disco sound perfectly during that period of time. Which is one of them is the most remembered song in 2019 ? Which one has transcended the test of time ? Which one still bops today ?
  4. Let's not get brave because Gaga is a classically trained vocalist who has proven amazing versatility
  5. yess. I heard that Gaga practiced everyday for 4 months before she did it so it must not be an easy task.
  6. don't doubt miss Grande. She could snatch all of our wigs
  7. oh well i read somewhere that Gaga is a mezzo soprano so idk. I know although that Ariana is a light soprano so maybe she could sing like Julie Andrews with more ease.
  8. yeah it was grandiose because of Gaga's vocal execution, the choir behind her, etc... I mean Ariana is a soprano just like Gaga and she can sing in theatrical way since she did Broadway etc...
  9. but we're talking about voice not dancing or anything like that.
  10. ok so like you think she can do way more than what she's shown us so far
  11. Ariana Grande is a well known soprano who has theatrical experience from Broadway. Would she be able to do a Sound Of Music tribute like the one Lady Gaga perfomed at the 2015 Oscars. Is it her lane ? Would she be universally praised ? Would the GP like it ?
  12. always bringing race into everything. The fake outrage is honestly getting boring...
  13. Same. I stan Ari but Bad Liar is way better than TlIC Although, I can't wait to hear TLIC on tour because the song is so lit live