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  1. I was listening to Only Girl In The World recently and for some reason, it made me think of Ariana's voice. Ariana has the vocals to sing the full throated infectious chorus of Only Girl In The World in my opinion. Would her version be bigger than Rihanna's ? Would it be a mess and flop ? Is the song too dated to be released nowadays ?
  2. I feel like she needs to hop on a trendy song ft an artist popping at the moment. If she does that, she ,might give herself a little bit of momentum.
  3. Mariah Carey is considered a legend in the music industry. Yet, she has never won a MTV video music award. Why ? Did she piss off somebody on MTV board or something ? I get that her videography is not her biggest strenght but it's hard to believe that she's never snatched a MOONMAN. Why have the VMAS been ignoring Mariah Carey since the beginning of her career ?
  4. -Dancing Queen which is my fav song of all time. It,s pop perfection because of the melody and the magnificient vocals. It's also a timeless classic that will continue to stand the test of time. ABBA DID THAT !!! -Sorry by Madonna (excellent production) -Bad Romance (ICONIC) -Toxic (excellent production. FANTASTIC SONG) -Baby One More Time (ICONIC)
  5. i,M starting to think it will. The song shows no sign of slowing down for the next 2 months ugh. We're gonna be stuck with it for the whole summer RIP
  6. that explaination makes sense but considering how popular and hyped the song was, i figured that the public wouldn't care about the non music acting scenes in the music video tho
  7. but TUN music video was en event. It should have 1B views by now ugh
  8. i didn't say the song flopped. It obviously was everywhere a few months ago. I simply said that the music video was expectec to have like1B views but the daily views are so low nowadays and they started dropping like 2 weeks after the mv release.
  9. Thank U Next had so much hype and chart success at the moment the music video was getting released. It got 56M views in its first 24 hours. It reached 100M views in less than a week but the daily views fastely started dropping. Almost 7 months later, the music video is stuck at 365M views. Smaller hits like Look What You Made Me Do had jaw dropping daily views for like 2 months straight. At this point, the video already should have had 1B views. Why didn't TUN have longevity on YouTube ?
  10. she actually had a demographic that enjoyed her pop doo woop infused music, She made the mistake of switching sound by her second album before being an established pop star. That killed her momentum.
  11. that says a lot about the entertainement industry.
  12. stans can't keep any promise. Being messy is so tempting for these mfs.
  13. The song is a grower but it’s not pop perfection that we thought taylor would serve. It’s definitely better than Shake It Off though