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  1. I am against slut shaming. It's not cool
  2. I used to go to my aunts but then less and less people came so now we celebrate at my cousins and alot more people are there. Its nice cause now more family is included. I have alot of extensive family.
  3. we all know people r dying to find out why it was never released. People want to see it lol But I agree her profile is high right now with Oscar buzz. It wouldn't be the best time for it too leak but tbh if people are really not gonna give her an oscar because of a music video thats pretty freakin stupid.
  4. Does your family have a special tradition? What do you do for Thanksgiving that is out of the tradition? Im curious if anyone's families go above and beyond. Do you take a big trip somewhere?
  5. Rock The Boat, Try Again, Back n Forth Janet Jackson
  6. this is hilarious it would not surprise if an app like that was made ngl