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  1. awwww <3333333333333333333333333333 thank you so much it's very good
  2. Thank you for the follow. I would love to collab with you sometime on YouTube. Love your channel xo

    1. The Queen Of Lambily

      The Queen Of Lambily

      thank you so much darhlingg <3333

  3. I can do a promo video,if you want,i mean i do edit videos and can make it beautiful!
  4. Omg i LOVVEE COP because i can express myself and talk with the people that are like me and love artists,it's even a little shady and thats what i like,but most importantly the PEOPLE!
  5. hiii!! whatcha doing?

    i'm  fine!

    *laughs in skinny*

  6. Don't have what to do so i'm just showing you what i can make!
  7. Sign me RN Username: The Queen Of Lambily Favorite Colour: (pale) Blue Interests: Mariah FUCKING Carey
  8. lol hii didn't post in a while,damn it school

    anyway hi!

  9. i feel like the start it's the best part of the performance she changed the start with bonus high notes
  10. listened to it for the first time and i liked it very much
  11. she probably is feeling herself and is confident hope she remains the same since she slayed on The Distance