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  1. I totally agree with you. I don't know why people go crazy because their song is about mental health when it's really about the girl being herself
  2. We blocking ed Sheeran, 6ix9ine, lil pump, Jess Glynne and all the flops
  3. 7 Things because it's an iconic song from 2008 while 7 rings sounds like every other song

    1. Roobz


      Thank you <3 

  5. we just dont want either of them to block ava from a fifth week at #1 :)
  6. The Ariola stans on twitter are already saying stuff like "If you don't like 7 rings you have no taste"... come on
  7. Definitely Ava Max, Lauren Jauregui, Ariana (even though I don't really like her), Charli if she decides to release the album
  8. Heard a minute of it and don't wanna listen again...
  9. Did you mean: Ed Sheeran -- Perfect
  10. Coming for that third week, we stan longevity
  11. What's with all the ava slander here?