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  1. Ava is already huge. Mabel is slowly but surely blowing up and already has family ties with the music industry (Neneh Cherry, Massive Attack, Marlon Roudette) so she deserves the success.
  2. It is hunny. #18 in the UK Midweeks, #10 in Finland, #12 in Norway.
  3. His music is the most basic generic stuff I have ever heard. Perfect is a ripoff of Robbie Williams' You Know Me and Galway Girl of the traditional Hey Diddle Diddle.
  4. The song is a ripoff of Armin Van Buuren's 2013 hit This Is What It Feels Like. Also, I don't like it.
  5. The instrumental of that song uses similar chords, not exactly the same. FTM: Am-D-G-Em-C SAI: Am-D-G-E (half a step lower so G#m-C#-F#-D#)
  6. The song was released last Thursday, March 7th. already close to 4m :O
  7. Finally a decent song atop the charts! Gaga has officially ended Ariola ;)
  8. I totally agree with you. I don't know why people go crazy because their song is about mental health when it's really about the girl being herself
  9. We blocking ed Sheeran, 6ix9ine, lil pump, Jess Glynne and all the flops
  10. 7 Things because it's an iconic song from 2008 while 7 rings sounds like every other song

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