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  1. Whiitney obviously! Even Freddie Mercury once said that she had one of the greatest voices of 20st century, far richer and more feminine than Mariah and Celine. And Whitney sang always live on her concerts unlike the other two.
  2. Really??? It should be Whitney Mariah Nasaline!
  3. Mariah's music is so childish and her voice so girlish! Now i understand why her lambs are kids,teens and not very intelligent people. I know a lot of older and mature people who prefer other singers songs than Carey's.
  4. You have no idea what you are talking about! Even Freddie Mercury once said that Whitney had one of the richest,the most feminine and powerful voices of 20st century! She even shocked Pavarotti when they sang opera.And she lipped only on tv shows unlike the others who lip sync even on their own concerts! And Houston has great meaningful songs like ''One moment in time'', ''I have nothing'', ''All the man that i need'' , ''Greatest love of all'', ''My love is your love''.....