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  1. OMG she's so problematic...let's hope pete doesn't end up like mac miller and karma slays ariola's ass
  2. Ofc the people who don't like k-pop in this thread, duh.
  3. I don't see anyone comparing or not liking k-pop because it's like American pop in this thread lol we just don't like it in general no race, no comparison.
  4. No one is disliking "Asians" particularly, we're talking about the music in general and yeah that's not being racist as long as you don't like normani music-wise.
  5. and since when not liking k-pop equals to being RACIST? lol y'all need to get your facts straight
  6. Eww k-pop can choke, like seriously it's a mess smh
  7. Time Hell-liar was found trembling down the street after reading this Tysm sis! 💕 OMG thank you!1!1!1! 😚 Aww tysm! means alot to me tbh CryBaby is the best album, no doubt 💕
  8. Happy bday Kween :gaycat7:

  9. Thanks Kween! Madonna can slay and I'm here to do that
  10. Hell-ow! I'm a bot and I'm from Antarctica. Music is like therapy to me, and I'm a hardcore Melanie Martinez stan! She is such a inspiration to me and her music has helped me alot I like how her music is so dark and meaningful that some ppl only see the dark side and they never get the hidden meaning and messeage given through such dark vibes while I analyze everything and can relate to it. She also talks about dark and real issues ppl nowadays face through her music which I think any other POP artist would not even consider talking about. Apart from that these are some of the artist whom I like listening to: ▪ Liam Payne ▪ Marina and the diamonds ▪ Billy Eyelash (Ik that's not how you spell her name but like it this way XD) ▪ Lana Del Ray ▪ Charlie Puth ▪ Nicki Minaj ▪ Madonna (Etc) My hobby is that I'm a doll collector and a die hard Winx Club fan (don't judge me lol) I have whole collection of MH, EAH, Winx Club, Mattel, Totally Spies and many more dolls and I also love collecting vintage clothing and stuff. That's all you need to know about me Byeeeee!
  11. Be friends with his friends first cuz they'll be the one who know everything about him and make him notice you... That's what I'd do Or simply just go and say "OWE ME!1!1!1!1"
  12. Cuz birth of my day is on halloween and I'm skin to bone skinny