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  1. yes, 3) Taylor Swift - 1989 (9.9M) 6) Taylor Swift - Red (6.8M) 7) Rihanna - Loud (6.8M) 8) Taylor Swift - Speak Now (6.1M)
  2. Taylor why cant you update us on anything or even post a photo of your cats its been like 100 years since you last posted ariana, sweety why did you pick everyday when bops like greedy are on your album, greedy would have done so well on radio but you had to pick everyday little mix you should actually promote your bops for once, stop adding rappers to your songs and go on tour and actually come to america this time
  3. yes Rihanna and Beyoncé are both legends
  4. im so excited for ts6, also better man was a masterpiece i wish taylor took that song for ts6
  5. the song is a masterpiece i cried while listening
  6. same they were amazing i miss them so much
  7. taylor outsold the pop girlies with a country album legends only
  8. little legends are the best girl group of this generation facts only
  9. ts6 is coming to snatch wigs and outsell everyone
  10. it's coming to snatch wigs and end everyone's career