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    Caution, Butterfly, Daydream, Sweetener, Dangerous Woman, Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dance Floor, Back to Basics, Liberation, Erotica, The Immaculate Collection
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    "I won't not fuck you the fuck up. Period." -Lana del Rey

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  1. Mariah A No No With You All I Want For Christmas Is You Underneath the Stars Anytime You Need a Friend Stay Long Love You Portrait Thank God I Found You - Celebratory Mix We Belong Together The Distance Caution 8th Grade O Holy Night Can't Take That Away - Morales Revival Triumphant Mix One Mo' Gen Fantasy Fourth of July Giving Me Life #Beautiful Ariana 7 Rings (hasn't debuted yet but it's predicted for #1 so...) Imagine Moonlight Better Off Thank U, Next No Tears Left To Cry Touch It God is a Woman Goodnight n Go Be Alright R.E.M. Borderline Breathin' Madonna Forbidden Love I'll Remember Secret The Power of Good-bye Guilty by Association True Blue - the color mix Swim Ray of Light La Isla Bonita - Extended Remix Jump To Have and not to Hold Bedtime Story Die Another Day - Deepsky Remix
  2. He started 9 years after Mariah. Obsessed outiconiced all Zayn's career, by the way, Mariah has sold 4.4 million albums since 2008. Looks like you're a stan
  3. Has he? Obsessed peaked at #7 and ThE wArNiNg nowhere to be found. Let's see where Zayn will be in 20 years if his album with 2 years of solo career peaked at #61
  4. Still a natural tan. Have you seen white people tanning that much?
  5. Is this a Jazz festival? There's even J Balvin & Pitbull on that list
  6. tea She has been using some "Vaporwave" aesthetic
  7. R.E.M - 38 successful - 12 everytime - 20 breathin' - 63 no tears left to cry - 65 better off - 6 🤧 goodnight n’ go - 11 get well soon - 10
  8. tea!! this is going to be a bad bitch anthem