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  1. Sounds like a bop, the Dagny sample worked well and the MV snippet
  2. Miley's EP is good. Cattitude is "The Light Is Coming Vol.2" with more explicit lyrics, a messy bop. Unholy, DREAM & Mother's Daughter are the best tracks by the way. + Katy's song' snippet was good, can't wait to hear it in full & the MV teaser looks also good. Perched for tomorrow
  3. If Scooter manages her the same as Justin & Ariana, she will reach a new peak in her career after TMYLM
  4. You know i love you so much @Medoner Happy birthday legend! Wishing you a fresh, brand new, a better year Hope you have fun today
  5. I hate that douche so that's why i didn't believe that And i'm a Miley stan so i'm so EXCITEDDD AHHHH
  6. Spoiler

    just wanted to say that i love you :love: and you will be missed :beybawl:


    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Aww I love you too sis :heart:

  7. Love Story > WANEGBT > LWYMMD > Mine > SIO > Tim McGraw >ME! Me is seriously not good....i hope she can serve us a much better second single
  8. despy

    Random Thoughts

    and i actually saw someone quoting that she edited the whole video herself just to make sure that it was released on Friday poor her. she deserves more credit and success
  9. all that for a quick RIAA certification + has been coming up with an album full of same type of songs for ages now...isn't he tired?
  10. despy

    Random Thoughts

    Iggy has been criminally underrated since her debut era. She actually deserves a better position in the music industry with the effort she's pulling this era. Started is a whole bop and the music video though....WHEW Hopefully she can out-do Sally Walker (which is unlikely...sadly...but anyways!)