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  1. Aaliyah x James Corden [January 18] On January 18th, Aaliyah made her debut appearance on national television. The artist appeared on James Corden's late night talk show to talk about her debut single "Freak". Speaking of the interview, the host appeared on screen and he introduced Aaliyah to the viewers. "Let's bring tonights guest here. She is a 22 year old R&B singer who is a new artist in the game, let's give it up for Aaliyah everyone" he said. Freak started playing as the artist walked out to the stage. They kissed and sat down to start talking. "Hello...hello. Thank you for having me here". "Thank you for coming Aaliyah. Welcome to my show and also welcome to the music industry. You made your debut this morning with releasing your first single. Can you tell us about yourself a little?" "Okay so... hi y'all. My name is Aaliyah and i'm 22 years old. I'm from Detroit and was born to become a singer. I'm a newbie now and i just put out my first song." "Can you tell us about your song a little? What was it called....." "Freak. It's a short & cute R&B song that people can bop & sing along to. It's about me trying to become the person in the standarts my lover wants me to have.....like...me changing just for him. I think some people like me can relate...i went through this once. Actually it was my previous relationship with this guy and i tried to change for him cause you know...i loved him. And.. i think that's all i can say about the explanation of the song *giggles*." "I actually listened to the song and you know what? I liked it, it's great and you sounded so soft on that which made the song sound even better. Great job. Okay so...let's talk about the songs music video." The camera shows the scene where she was dancing in front of the car an the audience were screaming as they saw it. "You hit some hard moves on that don't you...the video is great also." "Aw thank you for that. Um...actually yeah i did, normally i wouldn't but the song got me dancing like that cause it gave me "that" feeling...you know what i mean. And shoutout to Parris who created the choreography for the video, it was a great job working with her." "Congrats on your song Aaliyah, wishing you the best & luck in the industry." "Thank you soooo much for having me." James Corden reminded the viewers to buy/stream "Freak".
  2. Aaliyah releases "Freak (Official Music Video)" on her YouTube channel
  3. Aaliyah updates her website after the release of her debut single! You all can buy/stream Aaliyah's new single from her official website. The new/updated version of the website includes the free service to listen to Aaliyah's debut single. And it also has a service that leads you to purchase the song on Apple Music/iTunes and stream it on Spotify. The official music video of the song can be watched there also. Click the link down below to check out: Aaliyah: Website
  4. TITLE: Freak ARTIST: Aaliyah WRITTEN by: Aaliyah PRODUCED by: John Kercy GENRE: R&B RELEASE: January 18, 2019 LABEL: Desperado LENGTH: 2:18 "Freak" is the first official single off Aaliyah's upcoming debut album. The track will be sent to radios right after its release. The song is about trying to be the person your lover actually wants. The audio video of the song will be released on her YouTube channel. LYRICS & AUDIO
  5. I can't stop listening to it It's such a good song lyrical and production wise Top 10 debut here we comeeeee
  6. i see it. i like it. i want it. i got it. :ariicant:

  7. Yes, you have to add your artists name as a comment on the spreadsheet to book a show.
  8. hi :rihwave: don't forget to buy/stream 7 rings tomorrow :D have a great night :mariahbye:

  9. Aaliyah posts the snippet of her upcoming single + a sneek peek from the music video On January 15th, Aaliyah tweeted that her fans can watch the sneek peek from her upcoming single's music video & they can also listen to the songs snippet. Go check out Aaliyah's website to hear the snippet & to see the first look from the music video. Aaliyah's lead single off her upcoming album will be released on January 18. Stay tuned for more information.
  10. Aaliyah has launched her new website! Aaliyah has launched her new website and she put a countdown in it (for her upcoming single). You can check it out from the link down below: Aaliyah: Website
  11. The 21 year old R&B singer Aaliyah is now signed to Desperado Records! Desperado Records just found their first upcoming star! That's right, the label has now signed the R&B singer and from now on, they will take care of her. From our "sources" they're gonna go fast with her and the label is going to release her debut single THIS Friday! And looks like the artist already created a Twitter account to communicate with her "new fans". The singer spilled the tea on the release and CONFIRMED that her debut single will be released on January 18th. With a hashtag #Babygirl... could this be the songs name? We don't know but we're really excited to see Aaliyah launching her debut era. Stay tuned for more information.
  12. GTFO 17 With You 17 Caution 18 A No No 15 The Distance 14 Giving Me Life 19 One Mo' Gen 9 8th Grade 11 Stay Long Love You 14 Portrait 16
  13. GTFO 17 With You 16 Caution 16 A No No 15 The Distance 15 Giving Me Life 16 One Mo' Gen 10 8th Grade 14 Stay Long Love You 15 Portrait 16
  14. Hey! Just wanted to inform you that i sent a message to CAL Business, can you reply to my message? I need some details