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  1. @Treacherous Lovatic Remember earlier this year before we all knew it was going to be called 'Singular' and when 'Carpenters' all over the world were calling it SC3 ? 😂🤣 (Singular is coming) I NEED ACT 2 RIGHT NOW ACT 1 IS GONNA KILL ME IDK IF I’LL MAKE IT TO ACT 2 🖤
  2. @Treacherous Lovatic Remember at the beginning of the year when Carpenters all over were calling it SC3? 🤣 (Singular is coming)
  3. Monday Night Raw on mute on the big TV,
    I Know Who Killed Me on my computer, on the big stereo blasting 'Whoretopsy' 2018s Take My Breath Away.  



    1. Barbie


      If you unmuted it’d just consist of Michael reminding everyone Roman has leukemia every 5 minutes

  4. is more of a quiet psychological mind trip. Including a few historical tions. The dual symbolic meaning behind the movie's existence is the part that gets me the most.
  5. Cailee Spaeny really k i l led it in this film! She is absolutely god darn totes adorable truly dropped a gorgeous. 🖤
  6. @neonnights i totally agree. (Believe we have more in common than you think) 😊
  7. Yeas! bro ham tube steak, oh my gee! i had the biggest crush on Jennie Garth.
  8. i mentioned it before but, Yes! i saw it in the theaters as a kid.
  9. You seem to be a person who has their shi- together. It saddens me to hear that you're having doubts in life. Keep your head up and proceed on the mission you have set forth even if it feels hopeless at times.
  10. Good at microwaving pizza rolls,
  11. This isn't badd! problem is there's a lot of bands that do it! i want to make a list of bands who sound some what similar to this, where can i do that?