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  1. Call Me - Blondie —————————- Superstar - Rupaul
  2. borderline - ariana grande —————————————- venus - lady gaga
  3. @DictatorIndie Hey! nice to meet you and i’m happy to be here
  4. @neonnights my favorite lana song would have to be Shades Of Cool and fav Carly song is Call Me Maybe jk it’s Fever!
  5. this bitch stans • Lady Gaga • Lana Del Rey • Marina and The Diamonds • Carly Rae Jepsen • Ariana Grande i also like their music not so much a stan • Sofia Carson • Sabrina Carpenter • Azealia Banks • Kesha • Nicki Minaj • Rihanna • Cardi B • Lowkey Taylor Swift • Lorde • Selena •Demi •Camila • Dua • etc... lol i like a lot of things really the list goes on and on This is my first time being in one of these !! excited to talk to y’all!!! also @Barbie sent me so thanks to him i’m here !!!