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  1. A lot of Sim players I watch online are actually in-love with it, and are enjoying it. I don't see the hate so far.
  2. Does anyone have a website that was like The Video Game Gallery, which houses high-quality concept / key / textless art from video games?
  3. There was a fan mod concerning magic, and I liked it. I'm hoping it's something in that regard, however, I doubt it.
  4. I've been bouncing and bopping to this non-stop! Loving it!
  5. Island Living and the upcoming Realm of Magic. I'm excited.
  6. I don't think she's in the head space of "Call My Name", especially given what she told FLAUNT about record labels putting out certain music to appease the G.P. and chart system. I think this sounds fresh for Cheryl, and I hope it does well!
  7. It so is! I'm ready for the return of Chezza!