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  1. As herself, not Dru. I don't ever see her returning as Dru, though, I'm sure she'll try and ask for a job.
  2. Bravo just released the season four trailer for The Real Housewives of Potomac, and it's fucking FIRE! New York, Potomac and Dallas are where it's fucking at!
  3. Gutted since The Video Game Gallery shut down. Does anyone have any link(s) to websites that post key art, untagged posters, etc. in high quality?
  4. Yes. I've downloaded music without purchasing it.
  6. She's recording her next album; she already has about 15 songs completed (as of February 2019).
  7. Zayn's fucking album triggered me to no end. Like, no!
  8. i hate things like this... ... AND I HATE THINGS LIKE THIS They throw off my OCD, and I immediately have to fix them before they even go into my iTunes.
  9. As of today, my vacation is half-over. I'm not ready for that realization. I'm already thinking of my next one!
  10. The full trailer is a whole lot better than what we've received prior, however, the casting is still questionable to me.
  11. THAT'S HOW YOU FUCKING DO A REAL HOUSEWIVES PREMIERE, Y'ALL!! THE LADIES OF NEW YORK CITY ARE FUCKING BACK! Sonja hanging her monogrammed towels with duct tape! Ramona shamelessly flirting with the pool instructor! Tinsley not being able to drive! Dorinda and the gays! Bethenny doing her Skinny Girl! This is what I am talking about!