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  1. Removing the Open World concept was shitty. And Get Famous is a good pack, however, Del Sol Valley was piss-poorly built.
  2. I'm happy that she is doing well, and she looks healthy. I hope she's still working on herself and bettering her health.
  3. Livelikemusic


    I have all of her tour DVDs and Blu-rays, and I've seen her twice live!
  4. Livelikemusic


    For me, it's quintessential P!nk at the end of the day. There was so much put into that album.
  5. Livelikemusic


    She's low-key teasing that new music is coming soon from her, but that it isn't "Let You". I'm ready for the next single.
  6. Livelikemusic


    My order: I'm Not Dead Beautiful Trauma The Truth About Love M!ssundaztood = Funhouse Can't Take Me Home Try This
  7. And that's not counting the Italy-only released 4Ever Hilary in 2006.
  8. Supposedly, there are two new songs being included on this compilation. And some are speculating it's one of those Japan-only releases.
  9. Hilary Duff did it twice; once at 17, and a second time at 21.