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  1. They couldn't have done this forever ago before I spent $$ on it. LOL. I barely play it, lol.
  2. Oh, that's exciting! I'm hoping it's a mixture of all Sims games, because there are qualities from all four I've enjoyed. University has to happen, since it's one of the most in-demand EPs people have wanted.
  3. The ladies of Potomac are shutting it the fuck down right now!
  4. Soap operas > At least I can follow and understand the drama that soaps have.
  5. Announced tonight during the Daytime Emmys!
  6. This is why I gave up on RHOBH forever ago. Come up with something original, ladies.
  7. A former member I won't mention by name.
  8. For me, I'm Not Dead is her magnum opus. However, each of her albums tell a very specific story and they should all be listened to.
  9. Hardcore stans should not be allowed online; clearly, people cannot handle themselves. Disappointing.
  10. "What About Us" was fucking incredible, and was so different from any other lead she'd given us up to that point. I just don't think people were ready for it in 2017, honestly. I hear it more on the radio now than I did back then. Her issue is that she didn't have radio support during the Beautiful Trauma era, and once "A Million Dreams" (via Atlantic) got radio push, it was able to bring "Walk Me Home" to radio forefront, and it plays constantly. "Revenge" was cute. I loved seeing her perform it live. I haven't a clue. But, given how RCA hasn't pushed her like LaFace did, and Atlantic pushed the song she did for them, I have a feeling Atlantic might be pursuing P!nk to switch from Sony Music to Warner Music, and it makes sense to me.
  11. No, you're not. I happen to like Beautiful Trauma a bit more, but Hurts 2B Human is a different kind of album. As for the singles from Beautiful Trauma, that era needed help, honestly. I feel like she wants off of RCA at this point. It would not surprise me. The fact that "Revenge" got scrapped, because of the music video, and then they pushed "Beautiful Trauma" with little support. I don't know. Things just fell flat.
  12. Currently, Hurts 2B Human is her second-highest album on Metacritic, scoring a 73/100. QUEEN! I am loving this album so much.