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  1. Wow this is the first time I’ve ever seen you say something good about Britney
  2. Because Eminem is a battle rapper who has gone head to head with other rappers that dissed him. Basically everyone that has tried it with Em no longer have a career.
  3. Well hello nonrestrictions :gaycat23:

  4. It debuted on the iTunes Charts at #2 in the 13. Stayed st #2 in the 14. It fell to #9 on the 15th fell again to #32 on the 16th. Fell again to #54 in the 17th and on the 18th was #90. The writer needs new sources, but the site got its start from Hollywood life so facts really aren’t their friends. http://www.itunescharts.net/us/artists/music/mariah-carey/songs/gtfo/
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    When will Ms. Knee’s account become unrestricted? Who knows
  6. Gurl bye. Sad. I said those things to your face as well wasn’t taking shit behind your back. keep grasping for straws
  7. Stop fucking lying. “Backstabbed you” bitch where? I left the mod team after the drama because I was done with it. I didn’t want to put anymore energy into running the site especially after the unjust demotion of Kipper. You started talking shit about me when in said I was stepping down. Stop trying to twist the story into something it’s not. You didn’t like that I challenged you on unwarranted wps and undeserving bans. What shit talking was I exposed for? Saying jokegrande and land blubber? That’s it try again. I never backstabbed you when I was a mod and I wasn’t demoted I stepped down. Just because you write a story in your head doesn’t make it true or events that actually took place. Keep slandering my name indie, everyone knows what really happened and why I stepped down as mod. Grow the fuck up. You’re 30 not 15.
  8. Sorry hunny Safaree and Wayne both denied they were her ghost writers and spoke how good she is of a writer
  9. In the words of the wise and legendary Mariah Carey “Get The Fuck Out”
  11. Billboard 200’s coveted spot with 433,575 total album equivalent units (251,692 in pure album sales
  12. Let’s not forget that there were no physical albums released so this is purely digital downloads.