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  1. I thought my idea was helpful, guess not. 

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    2. Radioactive


      I feel bad about saying anything which is why I've been pretty quiet about it because I understand admins are busy and can't be changing pictures for us 24/7 but it really, really isn't something to get too upset over that we're suggesting ways to make the site look even better; especially for us, the users that are active most.

      I think pictures should've been worked out before the feature was rushed in. No one thought about that while we were posting our lives away all month :coma1:

    3. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      And I know they are busy that's why I brought this up to help them not have to constantly have to deal with the issue of the pictures. It adds bragging rights to the forum also....I don't understand how it's seen as a complaint 

    4. Radioactive



      I think they just see us as extremely picky but it's hard to understand why the pictures matter to us so much I guess lol

      Ariana's picture is the only horrible one that needs immediate changing though. Professional photoshoots aren't always the best options to cherrypick from :britney1: