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  1. Coping and pasting from mobile is not working. Nnn
  2. I was just stating a fact..didn’t say it was impressive or something grand...why y’all constantly trying to make something out of nothing
  3. Did you not read? I said Travis beat her because of streams where as Nicki had more pure sales.
  4. Cardi is a new act. I’m glad her debut album did good. Can’t wait for When Cardi flops and I watch you unstan because you “only stan success” which is why your opinions hold no water
  5. Wbk male rappers outsell female rappers. At least Queen had more pure sales, Travis barely beat her with streams
  6. Majority rules answers finally coming today. It’ll be a little late since I’m going pick up my niece and nephew! 

  7. Any unwanted physical advancements is sexual harassment. The ass is a sexualized part of the body and when people touch your ass it’s a sexual advancement. People don’t touch other people’s butts to get their attention, if they wanted to get the OPs attention they would have said excuse me, tapped them on the shoulder or even on the back. Don’t belittle or invalidate the OPs experience and feelings.
  8. Is she a communist or a fascist? Cant be both as they are very different and have different ideologies.
  9. Because Britney has no control over this. A court has to remove this and all involved have to agree. Even if all agree the court could still deny removing it It's sad isn't it. He's the one who started the legal work and can't even pay for his part. Do you know how child support works? The parent not granted full custody is ordered to pay the other money to contribute to the well being of the kids. This will happen until either the children turns 18 or the court orders otherwise. At this point in Britney's case, they have 50/50 custody but he still being the primary guardian. Her personal life isn't tragic. Everything going on is due to 2007. Britney can't cancel anything she can only request it and her courts as well as her father have to decided. Also, parts of the conservatorship have been removed. Britney could go for full custody, but because she wants her children to have their father as an active part in their lives, I think she should request the primary caregiver title be shared as they already share the custody 50/50 but this only relates to parenting time with the children.
  10. Okay....so Sweetner is really..boring...and just not the tea

    1. KarenFromFinance


      Breathin outsold half of Glory tho:gretchki: 

    2. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      It has a few good songs, but I just don't like it as a whole body of work nnnn

  11. Exactly, plus for some reason these SoundCloud rappers have VERY dedicated fan bases that stream their shit I mean did we not learn this from XXX???
  12. Just go to the account, go to the account settings and click password it gives you the option to press forgot password so you can reset it