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  1. Comparing me to someone who leaked personal info. I guess you're resorting to personal character attacks?
  2. Fearless Weeks at #1: 11 IASF + Beyonce + DIL + Lemonade + 4 + B'Day: 9 Keep it cute fleahive.
  3. Both great albums, but her true songwriting ability shines in Red/Speak Now
  4. Taylor's Solo Hot 100 #1 Songs: 4 Beyonces Solo Hot 100 #1 Songs: 2 At least my fave doesn't have to rely on others for #1s
  5. Beyonce hasn't had a #1 since Ed Sheeran gave her one
  6. It is her 2nd song to achieve this on the platform.
  7. Your argument is like saying "Disco Tits" is representative of Tove Lo's whole discography. You're delusional.
  8. Lemonade and EIL were both very unsuccessful commercially
  9. Taylor has broken Ariana's record for first day album pre-saves on a pop album. She acquired over 179,000 pre-saves on its first day of availability for her upcoming album "Lover"
  10. Taylor Swift is a SINGER not a VOCALIST. Y'all expect her to be on Mariah's vocal level but she's not. You can't just say she cannot sing though just because you're pressed.
  11. Is it Grammy worthy? No. Is it a good excuse for thousands of people to attack Taylor and say she's "queerbaiting" for profit despite the fact that she donated over $100k to a fund that fights for LGBT+ rights and she's alienating her own conservative fanbase? Hell no. Everyone wants to hop on the Taylor hate train to distract from the fact their faves are flopping (Beyhive specificially).
  12. To start, y'all clearly must be bored as hell if you're gonna keep hating on Taylor like this. Every fandom wants to hate on Taylor in this fandom and its because y'alls faves are flopping. Maybe if you were streaming their songs harder they could actually chart. Additionally, hating on Taylor's lyrics or artistry as of late hardly tarnishes the fact that she is one of the greatest songwriters of this generation, lets remember how she writes all her own songs (can your faves say the same?). Just some food for thought.