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  1. 7 rings has reached 800m streams on Spotify. It is the fastest female song to do so, achieving this in just 197 days. It is Ariana's 3rd song to do so and the 1st of 2019.
  2. QQ Music is China's largest streaming service with over 700m users and 120m paying subscribers. 1. Taylor Swift - 6,862,000 2. Avril Lavgine - 4,304,000 3. Adele - 2,181,000 4. Rihanna - 2,093,000 5. Lady Gaga - 1,996,000 6. IU - 1,837,000 7. Hyuna - 1,606,000 8. Katy Perry - 1,225,000 9. Carly Rae Jepsen - 1,098,000 10. Ariana Grande - 1,091,000 11. Sia - 991,000 12. Kelly Clarkson - 987,000 13. Britney Spears - 970,000 14. Selena Gomez - 909,000 15. Beyonce - 836,000 I was surprised by Carly and Kelly being in the top 15. How about you all?
  3. Delicate has reached 300m Streams on Spotify, it is Taylor's 4th song to achieve this.
  4. It is Cardi's 2nd single to do so, and brings her total amount of certified units to over a milestone 50 million in the US.
  5. It is their first single to achieve this. The Jonas Brothers have surpassed 3 million certified units in the United States.
  6. You Need To Calm Down has debuted at #2 in the US, making it her third era to have at least 2 top 2 hits (along with Red and 1989). She now ties Madonna as the artist with the most #2 hits, and becomes the only artist ever to have 2 #2 that got by the same #1 twice (OTR). The song debuted at #1 on the Digital Sales chart (Her recording extending 17th to do so) and it was also her 15th top 10 debut (she hasn't the second most only behind Drake who has 17). So far the song has also had international success, hitting #1 in Scotland and the Philippines, #3 in Australia, #4 in Canada, and #5 in the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland.
  7. The smash hit did this in just 86 days, becoming her 2nd most streamed song on the platform. The song has been gaining and average of 5.8 million (holy shit) daily, and shows no signs of slowing down as it is still gaining over 5m daily plays and remains in the top 3 on the global spotify charts.
  8. Comparing me to someone who leaked personal info. I guess you're resorting to personal character attacks?
  9. Fearless Weeks at #1: 11 IASF + Beyonce + DIL + Lemonade + 4 + B'Day: 9 Keep it cute fleahive.
  10. Both great albums, but her true songwriting ability shines in Red/Speak Now
  11. Taylor's Solo Hot 100 #1 Songs: 4 Beyonces Solo Hot 100 #1 Songs: 2 At least my fave doesn't have to rely on others for #1s
  12. Beyonce hasn't had a #1 since Ed Sheeran gave her one
  13. It is her 2nd song to achieve this on the platform.
  14. Your argument is like saying "Disco Tits" is representative of Tove Lo's whole discography. You're delusional.