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  1. The song is nothing special, but I like Tove Lo voice on this one.
  2. It's just my opinion btw. I don't want to harm you.
  3. You're joking? This song reminds me of some kind of old folk music in my country.
  4. I don't think that involving a dead person in some kind of drama in a forum where anybody can see your post isn't shit talking.
  5. The Chainsmokers are untalented and overrated. I can't understand what do they do? They only produce a little bit of a track, and they get a lot of hype about nothing. It's unfair that they don't flop. Yes, they have one good track, but just because of a good songwriters.
  6. Cause you're wishing his death even though without him Ariana probably would have tried to commit suicide... Like he is helping her so much.
  7. The world doesn't need them both tbh. And you're just the one that needs Mac even though you don't know him. You're so selfish to say that because Ariana is happy with him and that's all that has to matter to her fans. You aren't her fan is you're not joking and even if you're joking it's gross. So shut up sis.