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  1. I'm pro-choice all the way, but I personally, could never abort my own child (or give it up for adoption as I wouldn't want someone else raising my flesh and blood) so I would have the baby, and make it my entire world.
  2. This thread is a fucking mess. I've have met Demi 9 times at meet and greets and she's been nothing but kind. Literally all of you are basing your opinions off stories posted online that may or may not be true. If you don't have a personal experience, you really have no room to talk. Demi has never said no to a pose I've asked for and she's never denied me a hug. But the girl's got anxiety, you just need to ASK. Her fans should know better. She's talked about how meet and greets make her uncomfortable but she does them for us. Respect that. Also, she's not a damn therapist. All these people come into meet and greet and dump all of their problems on her, she doesn't need that in the 20 seconds you have. She doesn't need to see your self-harm scars, that's triggering for her. Also, why do you literally spend all of your time stalking Demi if you hate her so much? It's pretty lame sis.
  3. Nothing will be as flawless as the Bring It All Back tour in 2015.
  4. Pretty sure the internet was created for complaining and porn.
  5. MEGA POST: Canadian Certifications (in the plaque): Sorry Not Sorry - 3x Platinum (240,000) Tell Me You Love Me [Single] - Gold (40,000) Tell Me You Love Me [Album] - Gold (40,000)
  6. I made it on the kiss cam at Demi's concert and I'm truly feeling 20GAYTEEN

  7. I used to like her too, until I realized she was trash. Demi has time to come to those conclusions as well.
  8. They shouldn't let people who have no idea what they're talking about, but feel the need to jump in on every political issue speak. We don't need fake woke social justice warriors from Twitter spewing their opinions at CAST.
  9. I'm sorry that Selena only has accomplishments when her fans make them up, but that's the tea.