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  1. bitch did u forget your password? COME BACK LEGEND

  2. Miss u legend. :(

  3. 13 reasons why - and I never will. pretty little liars - watched the first 10 minutes and stopped once I realize my suspension of disbelief just refused to activate for me. Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock because tumblr made me so fed up with that I could never will myself to watch.
  4. Count me in as interested. I’m always here to stream the good sis.
  5. Ooh okay voted. Latino, catholic i guess, and liberal? Idk, just not conservative.
  6. Also Magic by Coldplay. It took me about a year after it was released on my turn driving at night in the middle of a roadtrip. After it finished playing on a playlist I realized it was actually good and replayed it. Been my fav Coldplay song ever since.
  7. It was the only song my bilingual ass hated from the album. It was too slow, no catchy hook, couldn’t get into it. Couldn’t skip it either because my siblings are older and I had no say and they blasted that whole album for like 4 years in every car trip. My family is basically a Shakira cult, lol. Anyways, maybe it was just a case of needing to get older to appreciate it (or brainwashed idk). But when I listened to it after the Oral Fixation eras were over, I love now.
  8. Wait is this why people were boycotting Nike earlier on Twitter? The overreaction. How bored must they be.
  9. Normani really won huh? And she even gave her friend his first top 10 as a (shared) lead. We stan Talent!
  10. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8473321/drake-in-my-feelings-number-one-eighth-week-normani-khalid WE STAN AN ORGANIC HIT! Celebrate the Nation!
  11. No interest in either of them as artists but good on Noah for not taking shit.
  12. Diomedes


    Happy BeyDay everyone!
  13. The Nation we be ready and at GIAW’s hold. Maybe the prediction will be true this time.
  14. First ever to go platinum, is that true? Are the others at least eligible for it? Anyways congratz on a good streaming era. I still listen to Only Forever so good on you sis