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  1. So... Now that COP has reopen, what's happening here ?
  2. To quote the great Jasmine Masters, « Just as I thought, TRASH! » EDIT: I'm not Roxxxy Andrews but to make it clear, a user called MAGA posted and they're the one I was saying "Who the f are you ?" to
  3. Ooooh it's fine, if Mama Ru herself was sick, it's clear your recovery should come first! they stopped production of IRL Drag Race for weeks for RuPaul to recover during Season 3 (in 2011) so it's not like it wouldn't happen irl
  4. With the Queens Everywhere instrumental being available on streaming platforms for a couple of weeks already (last week of April iirc), the Top 5/4 could have recorded verses on it like last season and have an interview on What's The T with Ru and Michelle, that would have been an epic final challenge for sure, even without choreo! But seeing how long it even takes for critiques, maybe it's too adventurous
  5. i am SO F*CKING PROUD OF BEING A GEMINI RIGHT NOW Mama, this is SLAY-ING ME! y'all really redeemed last season's zodiac runway uh @kipperskipper you're really out here twinning it all
  6. wait oh fuck Drag Race S4 is already at the top 5 ? I really was absent for a long time, I didn't even know it had started glad to see @kipperskipper at the top of her the game tho
  7. Okay so the zodiac/astrology themed runway I wanted on COPDR finally happened in RPDR, I GAGGED
  8. Well I'm glad @The Queen Of Lambily received another gift to compensate my one dfjomfzsmg I also made a lil playlist but it isn't much unfortunately
  9. We stan a fellow Drag Race judge and an amazing COP member! A 100/100 from me for the skinny Black Beauty !
  10. Count me in! Thibziboy/Mother Brest Blue My Stan list + Britney Spears, Beyonce, Marina and the Diamonds, etc... I love drag, makeup, astrology, writing, reading, playing Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs and Pokemon, TV shows (Titans, RPDR, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Charmed -the original-, H2o, UnREAL, Just Add Water/Mako Mermaids, Supergirl, iZombie, American Horror Story, Dynasty, Elite, etc...) I love love love, "Love, Simon", as well as Alex Strangelove, A Star Is Born, Ocean's 8, Disney movies in general, Pitch Perfect movies, Marvel movies, the Way He Looks, etc... You bitches better not tell me there's not enough material
  11. Hot

    1. thibziboy ✨

      thibziboy ✨

      the eiffel tower does that :honey:

      i was feeling like usng the gayest picture of me there's out there so here how it came to be  :lipstick:

  12. I'd have sex to Hair Body Face honestly, that shit POPS and is all sensual, a 9 outta 10 for me!